It-løsninger til procesindustrien

Stigende krav fra forbrugerne, knivskarp globale konkurrence og strammere regler har sat omsætning under pres.

Få styr på omkostninger og være mere konkurrencedygtig med it-løsninger til procesindustrien baseret på Dynamics 365 og Dynamics AX.

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Essential capabilities for your industry

EG's Process Industries solution delivers an extended capability-set to meet the needs of modern process manufacturers and address the unique business challenges that can make the difference between success and failure in key process maufacturing verticals. 

  • Food and Beverage
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals
  • Plastics

Meet customer demands for quality and transparency

Growing customer demand for healthier foods and higher food safety standards is driving the need for increased visibility into production processes and issues of sourcing, safety and sustainability across your supply chain. 

That means adjusting formulations, processes and technologies and finding new ways of enabling, documenting and automating compliance. 

With fierce competition and low margins, EG Process Industry solutions will help you meet these expectations while driving efficiencies and cost-savings through leaner and more effective manufacturing and supply-chain processes. You can, for example: 

  • Implement flexible product lifecycle capabilities into your business processess.
  • Ensure quality levels with advanced quality control and sampling procedures.
  • Document your products with dynamic generation of strandardised data sheets and certifications.
  • Enable compliance with approval requirements integrated throughout your quality control process.

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Process Industries_Food and Beverage_quality

Retaining growth and profitability in challenging times

As industry growth rates flatten, and tighter global regulations add complexity across the supply chain, pharmaceutical manufacturers are under pressure to enable production flexibility, trim time-to-market and control operational costs - without sacrificing quality.

Many are scrambling to employ disruptive technology innovations and adopt new business models to boost profitability.

EG Process Industry solutions will help you meet these challenges head-on and support shifts in business focus with flexible production planning and seamless operational processes, so you can:

  • Optimise manufacturing resources to enable profitable, new product introductions
  • Support Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and complex regulatory compliance
  • Optimise your supply chain and production planning
  • Enable flexibility and responsiveness to react fast to challenges and opportunties

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Procesindustri Pharma


Procesindustrier plastik

Udvidede funktioner udviklet til jeres branche

Standardiseret og fuldt integreret funktionalitet

EG's it-løsninger til procesindustrien supplerer den stærke kernefunktionalitet i Dynamics 365 og Dynamics AX med ekstra funktioner, som hjælper med at forenkle og automatisere jeres branchespecifikke forretningsprocesser.

Download the technical white paper to see full details of our unique solution capabilities for the process industries.[link to form].  


Approved vendor list

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Approved vendor list

Meet quality and policy expectations with advanced vendor approval and audit capabilities 

With tight margins, short deadlines and high expectations around quality and compliance, selecting the most suitable and reliable vendors for critical product orders can be a challenge. 

Advanced vendor management enables vendor approval and audit capabilities that help ensure that the products you purchase from your approved vendors are produced, released, handled and documented in accordance with your expectations and company policies. You can: 

  • Optimise your vendor approval and selection processes.
  • Automate and simplify your purchasing process.
  • Fully document your purchasing conditions with vendors.
  • Document vendor and manufacturer audit results.
  • Comply more easily with corporate approval and audit policies.

EG Variant Billedehåndtering_

Approved customer list

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Approved customer list

Comply automatically  with your customers' requirements

With fierce competition it is more important than ever to be able to deliver goods to your customers  that meet their exacting criteria around, for example, product quality, documentation and certifications, ingredients, sub-suppliers and relevant national and international legistation. 

With approved customer list functionality, your system can automatically help ensure that every batch you produce, and every shipment you send, complies with the end-customers' expectations and needs. You can: 

  • Meet exacting customer requitrements for individual batch productions.
  • Create transparency from source materials and sub-suppliers to finished shipments.
  • Document customer-specific criteria to meet audit requirements.
  • Support international business by meeting local legislation requirements.

time sag

Product lifecycle management

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Product lifecycle management

Flexible planning and implementation of product lifecycles

Whether you are testing raw materials from a new vendor, testing new ingredients from an existing vendor, or optimising the manufacturing of a new products, being able to manage the lifecycle of an item is critical for your business.

Advanced product lifecycle management (PLM) capabilities allow you to define lifecycle phases, and control which business processes are blocked for a product during a given phase.

Enhanced PLM capabilities include: 

  • Flexible definition of lifecycle phases.
  • Independent blocking of purchase, production and sales operations based on lifecycle phase.
  • Visual highlighting of an item's lifecycle phase with icons and colours in relevant areas of the application.

Project collaboration

Advanced packaging management

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Advanced packaging management

Faster, easier management of your packaging needs

Packaging materials often have an intrinsic value for your business or for your business partners.

Registering and tracking the quantity, value and location of packaging is a time consuming and error-prone process that can reduce the efficiency of our warehouse and logistics operations.

Advanced packaging management features help you optimise packaging processes and meet flexible packaging needs. You can: 

  • Handle both disposable and recyclable packaging.
  • Track packaging internally and at your customer sites.
  • Register in-bound and out-bound packaging.
  • Settle packaging accounts directly on sales invoices.

Retail kontanthåndtering

Advanced yield management

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Advanced yield management


Advanced sample management

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Advanced sample management

Sample management and testing without expensive bolt-on systems

In many process manufacturing companies, taking, tracking and testing samples is an essential component of daily process- and quality-control procedures.

With advanced sample management capabilities, you can support these critical processes without the need for a costly external system, so you can. 

  • Track and handle samples in a common interface.
  • Link samples to production orders, batches and storage-related information.
  • Enable time-dependent stability testing to improve shelf-life control.
  • View historical test results graphically to help identify trends.


Advanced quality management

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Advanced quality management

Meet quality expectations and safeguard your bottom-line

Optimising the quality control procedures you use during production, and ensuring the quality of your finished products, are business-critical issues that can have a serious effect on your profitability. 

With advanced quality management capabilities, you can support flexible and effective quality control procedures that allow you to: 

  • Automatically create samples for further analysis, or directly control the production process at specified process steps.
  • Fine-tune process control by defining sampling- and test-frequencies.
  • Improve quality and safety with extended quality procedures in the event of  test failures.


Extended traceability

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Extended traceability

EG Variant PDM

Extended transparency

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Extended transparency

Mobile devices

Extended support for mobile devices

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Extended support for mobile devices

Extend support for mobile devices beyond your warehouse

In addition to supporting the use of mobile devices for typical warehouse processes, you can also enable your employees to quickly and effectively take part in solution-specific quality processes on a mobile phone, tablet or hand-held scanner.

Your lab technicians and quality workers can: 

  • Receive items and create and process the required samples for testing.
  • Move samples and change sample status.
  • Register test results.
  • Register in-bound and out-bound packaging.
  • Change product availability.

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  • Missionpharma
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Stabil drift, der matcher behovet

Missionpharma ønskede selv at varetage det forretningsmæssige og at overlade alt det andet til EG.

Missionpharmas målsætning var, at it-afdelingen kunne fokusere på det tilgængelige forretningsmæssige niveau, i en erkendelse af at virksomheden ikke kan have alle de ekspertiser, der skal til for at drive en it-platform af denne størrelse.

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Vi er meget tilfredse med EG. Driften ligger trygt i deres hænder – fjernovervåget 24/7. Frank Jumppanen Andersen, IT manager, Missionpharma A/S

Orifarm opnåede millionbesparelse

En Microsoft Dynamics AX-løsning fra EG har sikret, at medicinalvirksomheden Orifarm fortsat kan være konkurrencedygtig.

Løsningen gør Orifarm i stand til at samle produktion, råvarelager og varemodtagelse i Tjekkiet og dermed skære afgørende ned på produktionsomkostningerne.

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Vi opnår en årlig besparelse på 9 millioner euro, og det er vitalt for overlevelsen af hele vores forretning. Mikkel Holmgaard, afdelingsleder, Orifarm Group

Palsgaard sikrer globalt overblik med Dynamics AX

Tæt samarbejde med EG skabte fundament for vækst.

Palsgaard A/S specialiserer sig i udvikling og produktion af ingredienser til fødevarebranchen. Virksomheden er i international vækst og havde en række specifikke krav til en ny ERP-løsning.

Efter grundig afsøgning af markedet valgte Palsgaard en EG procesløsning baseret på Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

Læs hele kundehistorien
Vi har en klar, global vækststrategi, og nu har vi også rammerne til at vokse på ERP-siden Michael Ladegaard, CFO, Palsgaard A/S

Brancheviden og trends

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Sådan griber man digitaliseringen an i fødevareindustrien

Skov A/S og Ceptu er begge gode eksempler på, hvordan teknologien kan skabe kvantespring, og de passer samtidig godt ind i de ti anbefalinger, som Panelet for Digital Vækst i Fødevareklyngen netop har lanceret.

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Machine learning: 3 tips til produktionsvirksomheden

Der er konkrete og hurtige gevinster at hente ved at bruge machine learning i din produktionsvirksomhed.

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Machine Learning

Top 7 digitale trends i 2017 for produktionsvirksomheder

Digitaliseringen er en realitet, og hvert år går det kun hurtigere. I 2016 så vi bredt, at koncepter som cloud og business analytics efter flere års hype har bidt sig grundigt fast i markedet. Vi tager et kig på 7 trends, som produktionsvirksomheder bør holde øje med i 2017.

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Rådgivning, løsninger og it-services

  • Rådgivning
  • Dynamics 365
  • Business Analytics
  • Application Services
  • CRM, CEM & Collaboration
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Service & Support

Microsoft Dynamics 365 - fremtidens platform. Nu.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 samler ERP, CRM og business intelligence under ét på en altid opdateret cloudplatform. Dynamics 365 fjerner grænserne mellem de enkelte systemer og giver dig øjeblikkelig adgang til den nyeste teknologi i en agil og effektiv løsning, der frigør ressourcer fra drift til fokus på forretningsværdi.

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