Microsoft XAL

Experience and guidance to plan your way ahead

Microsoft XAL is a popular and widely used ERP solution – but it is no longer maintained or supported by Microsoft.

Whether you are interested in retaining your XAL implementation or upgrading to a new solution, EG can help with expert guidance, support and technical solutions.

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New capabilities for your XAL solution

With EG’s add-on solutions, your system will continue to live up to the latest technological and business requirements.

  • Stregkode-/ lagerløsning til XAL
  • Eksporter dine data direkte fra XAL til Excel
  • Ændringslogføring

Faster processes, no mistakes with barcode/warehouse solution for XAL

Optimise your inventory and warehouse processes with user-friendly, hand-held wireless terminals. All scannings are registered instantly in journals for subsequent posting and are accessible to all users online. The solution offers:

  • Faster picking and no picking errors
  • Fast, efficient shipments
  • Minimal delivery errors
  • More efficient inventory taking.

The solution is integrated in XAL and consists of these modules, which can be acquired as needed:

  • Basis
  • Goods reception
  • Moving of goods
  • Inventory taking
  • Picking for shipment
  • Picking for production
  • Notification of completed production runs.

Export your data directly from XAL to Excel

Export data directly from XAL to an Excel spreadsheet by simply selecting ”Excel spreadsheet” as your printer destination.

The solution works in all Windows-based versions of XAL and gives access to all XAL users.

Protect access to your sensitive data with Change Logging for XAL

Control changes in your sensitive data and ensure traceability when information is modified. You can:

  • Define which tables and fields can be modified by whom
  • Log unauthorised attempts to modify protected fields
  • Define mandatory fields.