Industry focus with Dynamics NAV

In-depth industry knowledge is the basis of EG’s industry-specific solutions. As a result, you can be sure that the solution you invest in will optimise your business for success, with no surprises. 


Project Industries

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Project Industries

Project Industries for Dynamics NAV incorporates best practices and functionality gained from decades of helping companies in industries such as energy (including offshore, wind and other green technologies), building & construction, machinery, oil & gas, and industrial manufacturing.

You get a solution that supports the vital areas of your business, and the tools that are critical to drive profitability and sharpen your competitive edge. 



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EG Media solutions provide invaluable insight and knowledge that will help optimise your business and grow your bottom line.  

Your staff will be able to work faster and more efficiently, while you can control growth more closely and meet the challenges of increasing competition.

EG has implemented modern solutions for managing advertising, subscriptions and production in more than 100 media houses worldwide. 



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EG's Dynamics NAV-baserede løsning til byggebranchen støtter dig i hvert trin i byggeprocessen – fra prisoverslag og salg til entreprisestyring og serviceadministration – gennem hele din virksomheds værdikæde, så du kan: 

  • Administrere salgsprocessen 

  • Styre virksomheden og individuelle projekter 

  • Administrere service og kontaktpersoner 

  • Administrere dokumenter og tegninger. 



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LS Retail is a flexible, fully integrated Retail Management solution. Developed by one of the leading, global retail software developers, LS Retail is now serving over 50,000 retail locations, operating 120,000 POS terminals in over 120 countries around the world.

With EG, you can count on the decades of experience of more than 120 Dynamics NAV consultants, 40 of whom have deep LS Retail skills. 

For further information

Lars Bjerrisgaard

Lars Bjerrisgaard

Senior Sales & Delivery Manager, Retail & Distribution, NAV

Tlf: +45 7260 1753

Email: :

Make Dynamics NAV work harder for your business

EG has developed many add-on solutions to enable Dynamics NAV to meet special needs. These add-ons offer enhanced capabilities and help you get more out of your Dynamics NAV investment.

  • CRM
  • E-commerce
  • Payroll
  • Barcode/warehouse solution
  • Currency Management
  • Collection Management
  • Invoice scanning
  • SharePoint integration

Build partner relations with CRM for Dynamics NAV

Good customer and partner relations are essential for maintaining and developing a business. The more structured your contact and follow up processes, the more you will gain.

CRM (customer relationship management) solutions from EG make your contact and follow-up processes simple and manageable. They add structure and focus to your sales efforts and strengthen your customer relations. 

EG offers two CRM solutions for Dynamics NAV users: 

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM: runs alongside Dynamics NAV as a stand-alone solution. See more information here. See more information here.

  • CRM for Dynamics NAV: Uses standard Dynamics NAV functionality to support your sales process – from lead registration to campaign and quotation management. 

Everything you need in Dynamics
NAV When your CRM system uses the same database as the company's ERP system, you avoid maintaining data in two systems.

With CRM embedded in Dynamics NAV, you can make full use of your existing ERP data. You can, for example, use your sales history to segment your customers, or use real-time pricing data in proposal preparation and quotation management.

One solution to meet your changing needs
You can continuously adapt the CRM solution to meet your lead and campaign management requirements, and replace multiple, isolated systems with a single company-wide CRM solution. 

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Expand your business with E-commerce for Dynamics NAV

Is your company making good use of technology to increase your turnover? Find out how to expand your business with a webshop that is integrated with your Dynamics NAV solution.

EG's e-commerce solution will help make you more competitive by raising your market profile, increasing your market share and automating key areas of customer service and order management.

The solution offers you:

  • Increased turnover
  • Administrative cost savings
  • Process optimisation
  • Online marketing
  • Sales to new target groups.

With full integration between the webshop and Dynamics NAV, you only need to maintain data one place, so implementation and daily maintenance are simple.

The solution is based on ExpandIT Webshop, which has already been implemented in more than 550 companies, and includes solutions for business-to-business as well as business-to-consumer trade.

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Save time and resources on Payroll for Dynamics NAV

Payroll for Dynamics NAV is a complete, integrated payroll system that meets the demands of national legislation and manages all relevant processes related to employee payroll.

New capabilities for your payroll processes:

  • HR systems: Including assistance with solution set-up and maintenance
  • Time registration: Integrated with Payroll to ensure that accurate clock- in/clock-out data are always transferred to the payroll system.

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Faster processes, no mistakes with Barcode/warehouse for Dynamics NAV

Extend your standard warehouse, logistics and quality control functionality and use wireless terminals to drive all essential warehouse optimisation processes.

The online solution works with wireless, hand-held terminals to capture and provide real-time, accurate data to help ensure:

  • Faster picking and no mistakes
  • Fewer incorrect deliveries to customers
  • Efficient receipt of goods with variance management
  • Streamlined stocktaking processes.

The solution covers the entire warehouse process from reception of goods, picking and transfers to stocktaking.

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Manage foreign currency reserves with Currency Management for Dynamics NAV

Currency management keeps you up-to-date with your company's foreign currency reserves. The solution includes a number a functions that will make your work with currency more manageable.

EG's currency management solution for Dynamics NAV provides a clear, up-to-date and precise overview of your company's foreign currency balances, and offers:

  • Flexible tools for exchange rate adjustments
  • Automatic posting of exchange rate differences as unrealised gains/losses
  • Financial controlling and reporting with a full audit trail


    Overviews of foreign currency balances
  • Simple, flexible reporting


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Maximise cash flow with Collection Management for Dynamics NAV

Streamline your invoicing and payment-collection processes, automate slow, manual procedures and reduce the risk of errors.

EG’s Collection Management module facilitates your invoicing and collection processes and offers:

  • Streamlined and simple, automated processes
  • Fewer manual payments, faster reminder procedures
  • Improved liquidity management
  • Automatic collection of payments on the due date.

Download the fact sheet here: 

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Streamline your approval procedures with Invoice scanning for Dynamics NAV

Manage all your invoice registration, approval and archiving needs in one place. And never waste time searching for missing invoices again.

Save time and resources by scanning invoices and documents and sending them to relevant employees as part of your approval workflow. Key benefits include:

  • Invoice interpretation – including automatic retrieval of supplier information
  • Support for multiple approvers/workflows
  • E-mail notifications to employees


    Handling of both paper and electronic invoices
  • Automatic posting in your financial system


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Nye muligheder med SharePoint-integration til Dynamics NAV

EG has strong SharePoint skills and has developed a number of turnkey SharePoint solutions with Dynamics NAV integration. Integrations include:

  • Document management
  • Time registration and invoicing online.

Document management
Create documents from Dynamics NAV or SharePoint, and view all your correspondence directly from your administrative system or via your SharePoint portal.

Outlook e-mails can also be copied to SharePoint, providing a complete overview of all correspondence.

Time registration and invoicing online
Information is retrieved from – and saved directly to – the administrative system. A standard solution that is simple and cost-effective to implement and commission.

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Consultancy, solutions and IT services

  • Consultancy
  • CRM & Collaboration